Self Defense & MMA Training in Kanpur:

Finally, Kanpur has a legit MMA training center run by real professionals.

n pursuit of providing affordable Martial Arts training in all the major disciplines, we, at Knockout Fight Club in Kanpur, are pleased to start up our first branch outside Delhi. Kanpur, the largest city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is the 11th most populous city in India. Formerly Cawnpore, Kanpur city has wide diversity in the community because quite large numbers of people come here from all across India. The diversity in unity makes this city different from the rest but it also triggers a strong sense of learning a dependable self defense art. Our economically priced fitness programs and Martial Arts training in Kanpur are designed to deliver the powerful sense of being secure and fit. Knockout Fight Club is providing world-class Martial Arts training in and around Delhi for many years. Within the short span of time, we have set numerous milestones for the fitness and self defense training industry.

Out of Class MMA Training in Kanpur:

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is the popular term getting tremendous popularity among the children and youths who are conscious about their safety and physical fitness. MMA is a full contact combat sport. It became popular in America during the 90s; and, after that, it flourished as very popular sport and Self Defense art in Asian countries also. MMA combines ground fighting, full contact, striking, grappling etc techniques by having a perfect blend of a wide variety of Martial Arts including Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling and more.  If you are a Martial Arts enthusiast, and want to gain ultimate perfection in a particular Martial Art, we invite you to attend a free trial session of –

Martial Arts training in Kanpur              Kickboxing training in Kanpur

Muay Thai training in Kanpur                Karate training in Kanpur

Boxing training in Kanpur                      Self-Defense training in Kanpur ….

Freedom to Join the Best MMA Class that You Wish:

As being the fastest growing Martial arts training club in India, we respect your objectives; may it be career oriented, fitness oriented, sports oriented or self defense oriented. We have the best trained faculty to conduct –

MMA classes in Kanpur Martial Arts classes in Kanpur

Kickboxing classes in Kanpur                  Muay Thai classes in Kanpur

Karate classes in Kanpur                          Boxing classes in Kanpur

Self-defense classes in Kanpur                Wrestling classes in Kanpur …..

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts training gives you perfection in mixed practices of all the major disciplines of fighting. Kickboxing was originally developed as an art and sport for fitness and self-defense. Muay Thai, also called as the Art of Eight Limbs, was originally developed in Thailand for the army. Karate, originated in Japan, involves open hands techniques, punching, kicking and elbows and a strong focus on development of one’s character. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu another widely practiced Martial Art; it develops a fighters ground game. Judo, originated in Japan, is inspired by the principle – “Minimum effort for maximum efficiency”. You see the list goes on, Its not so much about what you do but more about how you do it. At Knockout Fight Club Kanpur we conduct your training in the highest quality manner, keeping in line with the traditions of Martial Arts and also including modern day developments that focus on quick practical tactics.

Martial Arts Training in Kanpur – One of a Kind:

Whatsoever Martial Arts discipline you choose to gain and improve the strength, flexibility and Self Defense skill, or whether you decide to become a sportsman, we guarantee the best standards at all levels- pre training support, personalization of training, teaching, practicing and post training support. Knockout Fight Club has been the home of hardcore boxers and wrestlers, who share their knowledge and experiences to refine the skills of Martial Arts students and to guide them towards outstanding achievements. Knockout Fight Club’s fitness and Self Defense training setup in Kanpur has a full- size boxing ring among various other international level equipment to make the students more skillful. All the training sessions are monitored by senior coaches to keep you worry free; after all, we care for our practitioners.  

Check out our self defense & MMA training in Kanpur to experience the difference that makes Knockout Fight Club a class apart.